One Dress Two Ways

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Two week’s ago I mentioned the dress that I got from Jenni Button. I love clothes that can multitask – things that you can dress up or down. Here is the dress, by day and night. The concept is nothing too groundbreaking, I’m simply showing you that by taking your accessories up a notch and adding heels to your outfit, you can be dinner or drinks ready after work and look hot!

By day, the look is more relaxed with flats, a black and gold bamboo finished waist belt and a gold cuff.


By night, throw on your favourite pair of heels (these are great for walking), add a striking accessory (I chose this waist belt but took off my gold cuff from earlier that day), and choose an edgy bag. I love studs, so this was a natural choice :) Darken your eyes, slick on some lip gloss, spritz on your favourite fragrance and you’re ready to go!

How do you take your outfit from day to night?