15 Wardrobe Essentials #13

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Hey Dolls,

This is Part 13 of the Wardrobe Essentials series. To view the twelfth Wardrobe Essential – The Skinny Plaited Belt – click here.

This is the last segment of this series, and wouldn’t be complete without…

13.   Good Underwear

Underwear is key to ensuring that the rest of your clothes look amazing on! Find styles that flatter you and fit like a glove. Underwear that digs into you, giving you that much hated muffin-top or back fat bulge is a no-no! If you are big busted, make sure that your bra straps are thicker than normal. A staggering 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, so If you are unsure of your bra size, go get fitted.

Shapewear is also a great investment if you want to look smooth and shapely under a dress for a special occasion. Woolies does great control garments like these:

Ranging from a very reasonable R150 to R280 shapewear is easily available and can help to make your figure look that much better. You can head over to Woolworths online to check them out.

Have fun and take time assembling your core wardrobe, taking the time to add clothing that fits you well and that you absolutely love. Is there anything else that you feel is an essential piece to your wardrobe?