7 Fashion Rules to Break Right Now

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When it comes to life, and fashion more specifically, rules were meant to be broken. Considering that no one knows who even came up with some of the bizarre rules that we follow daily, do they even carry any weight? Here are 7 of the most common rules that we are subjected to, and with them, your permission slip to break them!

You would probably have heard this rule from older people, basically informing you that you shouldn’t wear white in autumn and winter. This rule is definitely outdated so don’t let that stop you from wearing a cozy chunky knit sweater or a snow white coat in the colder months.

Winter Whites


If you want to be matchy-matchy, nobody is going to stop you, but being too coordinated is sometimes boring. A savvy and playful mix of accessories always elevates a look. Have fun and exercise your imagination to come up with some unique styling concepts.

No Matchy-Matchy


Print on print provides an interesting and striking aesthetic. If you feel confident enough, mix your prints! For the beginner, I would suggest starting off by pairing leopard print with floral or dots or trying your hand at stripes on stripes.

It's a Print Party!

Black and navy is a modern combination and can look chic when done correctly.

Navy & Black Chic


While you should definitely leave your sequined mini dress for night-time occasions, during the day it’s perfectly acceptable to wear some sparkle. Go for a high-low look by dazzling with one item (a jacket or skirt) while keeping the rest of your outfit relatively plain.

Sparkle in Sequins & Metallics


With a good tailor on speed dial, shorter girls can where anything their hearts desire. Whether its wide-legged trousers or a long dress, it all comes down to the fit.

Anyone can wear the Maxi Skirt


This is one of my favourite things to do. Metallics of any shade compliment each other, so get stacking!

Mixed Metallics Arm Swag