Alluring Reds by CATRICE

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Red is in and is having it’s time in the sun with the fash-pack. Take a look at various Autumn/Winter collections and you’ll see this bold colour out in full force. If, like me, you aren’t too enamored with red for any of your actual clothing pieces, you can incorporate a pop of red in the form of a bright clutch, some killer nails or a classy lip.

catrice collage

With red on the fashion and beauty radar, Catrice have launched their limited edition “Alluring Reds” collection for lips and nails. The lip offering consists of a coloured lip balm (which looks like a lipstick), 3 matte lipsticks and 3 liquid lipsticks. I tried them all out and these are my thoughts …


Lip Colour & Care

This lip balm has a shiny finish and can be used on its own to create a natural look, or as a base for red lippie. On me, it came out a muted pink/dusty rose shade, but I am fair skinned. It might create a nude look on medium skinned babes, because one size does definitely fit all. I didn’t test it as a base for my red lip, because I was using the matte lipsticks and going for a matte look, but I did wipe it off after trying it out, and it did condition-slash-moisturise my lips. It’s called Smooth Operator and is available from Dis-Chem from around R69.95.

Catrice Alluring Reds Lip Colour & Care


Liquid Lipstick

These Liquid Lipsticks are said to come in different nuances of red, but the colour offering is more pink and purple than red, which is slightly confusing. I tested Moulin’s Rouge (left), which is a warm pink/brown shade, and I’m not a fan of the colour. It might look better if you have a warmer skin or a good tan. The packaging is really pretty though! Available in C01 Moulin’s Rouge, C02 Brigitte Bordeaux (right) and C03 Marilyn Monrouge (middle) from Dis-Chem at around R69.95.

catrice liquid lipsticks


Matte Lip Colour

These lipsticks are pigmented and give your lips great coverage. The formula is long lasting and doesn’t bleed, which is impressive. The only thing I  noted about these lipsticks is that you have to fight to apply them initially, but then they go on. Basically, they don’t glide on, but for R89.95, I am impressed. They deliver red, matte, long-lasting lip colour, and come in a modern and slick silver casing. Warmer skinned beauties will look best in the more orangey red C01 M-attraction (left), cool toned beauties will look best in C03 M-attempt To Conquest (right) and everyone can wear C02 Striking M-attitude (middle) successfully.

catrice matte


Nail Glaze

These sets each consist of a silver Base Coat and a red nail polish. You can use the colours on their own, or combine them to create a high-gloss effect. Available in C01 Object Of Desire (left), C02 Art Of Seduction (middle) and C03 Pleasure Of Temptation (right) for around R89.95.

catrice nails


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