Beauty Lately | The Hair Edition

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I love having different hairstyles. I think hair can be a great accessory and can finish off an outfit. How many times have you seen the fashion police go off on a celeb for making the wrong hairstyle choice with a gown? Personally I love a chic, sleek look and then also a messy vibe – like I didn’t try at all. New to the hair world are these heroes, and I love using them to create these looks.

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The process of getting my hair nice and glossy begins in the shower. I start off by using the shampoo and conditioner from the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil range, which was developed for dry hair. Even if you don’t have dry hair (which is a tough ask in winter) your hair is left feeling incredibly soft and nourished, and never weighed down. The Nourishing Shampoo (R49.95 for 250ml) does a good job of lathering up and the Nourishing Conditioner (R49.95 for 250ml) is nice and rich and reminds me of liquid honeycomb. Even though that sounds delicious, neither the shampoo nor the conditioner smell amazing. When I’m brave enough, and if I REALLY want my hair glossy, I’ll finish off by rinsing it with cold water (I first rinse it completely with my warm shower water, and just finish it off with a blast of cold water). I promise, it works. The cold water seals the cuticles and my hair is always shinier when I do this. After I’ve wrapped my hair in a towel, I use another super absorbent towel especially for hair (you know what I’m taking about, right? I can’t find any examples online to show you). This helps to get most of the water out of my hair and lessens drying time. Also, I’m a little bit lazy when it comes to hair things. Once I’m happy that it’s semi-dry, I apply a pump of Moroccanoil Blow-Dry Concentrate from mid-lengths to ends. The Blow-Dry Concentrate is for coarse, unruly hair, and although my hair is fine with a slight wave to it, I’ve heard how it works miracles with thicker, more difficult hair. Also, because of my hair’s texture, I just use a bit less than recommended. R395 for a bottle might sound steep, but a little goes a long way. It has the delicious signature Moroccanoil scent to it and gets the job done right! After I’ve dried my hair (always upside down for better volume) I mist on some GHD Heat Protect Spray and then get on with straightening with my GHD straightener. Once the straightening is done, I apply a teeny bit of the Blow-Dry Concentrate to smooth any flyaways, and silky, lustrous locks are mine. Boom.



The undone look takes just as much effort, if not more, as the sleek chic look. For this look, I use pretty much any shampoo and conditioner, but tend to favour these guys. Once my hair is clean, I use the same towels as above. Once my hair is semi-dry, I use GHD Heat Protector Spray and apply a dollop of L’Oreal Studio Pro Boost It Volume Mousse* all over my hair, concentrating on the roots. The trick is not to use too much, otherwise your newly clean, fresh head of hair will look dirty and product-laden. It gives my hair a nice injection of volume that lasts for a decent amount of time (although not 48 hours, as the product suggests). It also smells crazy good. Once my hair is dry, I use my Babyliss Pro Titanium Tourmaline 38 mm Hair Curling Iron, which I adore. It makes the easiest, coolest waves and my hair looks perfectly messy after I spritz a bit of L’Oreal Studio Pro Boost It Volume Hairspray to hold the look in place. To finish off, I spray a bit of Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo (R395 for 205ml) on my roots for extra volume. Important to remember, when you want that tousled, undone look, don’t use any serum as it can weigh your waves down. Who has messy, glossy hair though right?

* Sometimes I’ll dry just blow dry my hair at night and apply some mousse to my roots and clip my hair up. In the morning, I brush it out and it gives me great volume. Then I continue on with heat styling.

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