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I can hardly say that I’m a New Yorker, but it’s my favourite destination and I’d like to think I have experienced it as a New Yorker, renting my own apartment, walking the streets and navigating the Big Apple all on my own (okay, maybe with the help of an app). When I say navigating, that includes finding my way to a destination on the ‘magic’ that is the subway. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the NYC subway system, it’s like an intricate maze where you find yourself going along with countless impatient New Yorkers in wave after wave who have less than no time for indecisive tourists.

I remember running to catch the F train and then discovering that I’d left my lip gloss at home. I then vaguely remember saying the F word in my head. When you’re out for the day, forgetting to bring your necessaries is quite an annoying thing. There is no ‘popping back home’ when you have a busy day ahead of you. So in the unfortunate event that you leave your favourite gloss/lipstick/blush behind, what are you to do? I’ll tell you what – just grab your favourite shade from L’Oréal’s makeup vending machine. This high-tech “Intelligent Color Experience” was open for only two months until end December 2013, and allowed commuters to match new makeup to their outfits. Stepping in front of the mirror saw digital animations featuring potential makeup combinations and then offering these products for sale that either “Matched” or “Clashed” with their outfits.

L’Oréal does not have any plans to implement the machine to other stations, but, according to Speichert, “If this experiment is successful, we might bring it to other places.” I’m almost certain that this vending machine will make its way back to the subway system, and other places because sure, you can buy your makeup items from any Duane Reade, Sephora or Walgreens, but the subway journey provides commuters with the opportunity to apply their face before work, an interview or a date, if time is precious.

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