Crabtree & Evelyn | The Story of the Night Garden

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Be shrouded in mystery and embrace the heart of the darkness. Taking inspiration from the Middle East, where precious woods, rich resins, regal flowers and plump citrus fruits enchant the senses at every turn, the Perfumes of the Night Garden Collection add a vibrant and contemporary twist to the deep, spicy and smoky scents of a timeless and exotic land.

In the time of the Ottoman Empire the ancient city of Taif was known as ‘Arabian Rose’. Inspired by the dawn gathering of this esteemed flower’s petals, Ottoman Rose blends the fragrance notes of ingredients that have been picked from a shaded garden just as their perfume peaks. Blackberry, carnation and fine vintage leather give a modern touch to this rich Oriental rose. Ottoman Rose is a rich interpretation of the velvety floral note, also featuring blackberry, carnation and vintage leather.

Celebrating the legendary scents of the Middle East and a citrus signature characteristic of Crabtree & Evelyn, Assam Oudh balances notes of crystallised lemon, blood orange and bergamot with rich golden oudh in a fresh and smoky blend. The citrus top notes give way to accords of rich golden oudh, rounded by sensual pepper and peony. A blend of earthy patchouli and vetiver provides a wonderful richness to this distinctive oudh fragrance. Assam Oudh contains rare and heady wood, as well as crystallised lemon, blood orange and bergamot.

Inspired by the Arabic philosophy that musk is bathed in the aroma of its surroundings, Kashmir Musk embodies the scented trail from valleys and mountains to Middle Eastern souks. Accords of powdery English iris and exotic spices float on seductive wafts of grey musk, like sheer mists drifting through the night. The fragrance journey culminates in rich and creamy sandalwood overlaid with a woody tone to ensure a lasting power on the skin. Kashmir Musk is a soft and seductive accord with iris, grey musk and exotic spices.

Tea has long been steeped in culture as a cherished daily ritual, but its journey to becoming an enduring treasure began centuries ago en route to Persia along the fabled Silk Road. Our Persian Thé Eau de Parfum captures the distinctive aroma of smoky black tea as it mingles with notes of cardamom, cinnamon, Atlas cedarwood and amber that are carried on the cool night breezes rising off the Caspian Sea.  Persian Thé  is smoky and warm, with notes of black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, Atlas cedarwood, labdanum and amber.

Crabtree & Evelyn’s Night Garden Eau De Parfums are available in 100ml bottles for R2200 each, and come in the most gorgeous packaging. The range is available at Crabtree & Evelyn stores.

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