December Loves

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1. Play: I’m loving my iPad. I get my fashion fix delivered straight to my iPad – no more having to go out to the shops and wait for my favourite glossy to come out. I have instant access to InStyle and Vogue the minute they are released. And less paper =  better for the environment.

2. Buying: I adore dresses from Country Road. They fit so well and are of such amazing quality. I have a few LBDs already, so I think I’m going to go for a graphic print dress this time. A classic dress from Country Road is an investment piece and will last a very long time. There’s just something about a well-made dress, that makes you feel pretty every time you wear it.

3. Reading: I cannot get enough of the Four Agreements. I bought a copy for my sister for Christmas and I got it at the iBooks store on my iPad. The great thing about this is that I’ll never lose it and I can highlight my favourite passages.

4. Watching: James Bond, The Hobbit, Cloud Atlas, Rise of the Guardians, Ugly Betty. What better time to catch up on series and movies than over the holidays?

5. Loving: Make a DIY gift for a loved one, like this peppermint body scrub. Body scrubs are amazing as they get rid of dead skin cells, making your skin glow. Peppermint is also lovely and cooling for the Summer. You can find the recipe here. I also love snow globes, and found a very fashionable one floating around. Check out the snow globe that features none other than Karl Lagerfeld. You know you’ve made it when you get your own snow globe.

6. Beauty Note: I discovered Ren cosmetics earlier this year (available from Woolies) and I’m in love. This Ultra Moisture Day Cream is especially for dry skin, and leaves my skin feeling comfortable and happy. The big thing for me is that all Ren products are 100% plant and mineral derived actives and are free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients.

7. Eating: What a cute idea for a gift! Gather all your favourite cookie-making ingredients and layer them in a jar. Give them as cute Christmas presents and let your loved ones bake their way to happiness :)

8.On my wishlist: D&G Pour Femme. This is my new favourite perfume. It smells like vanilla, is sweet and mysterious. It has notes of neroli, raspberry, tangerine, jasmine, orange blossom, marshmallow, vanilla and sandalwood. The press release described it as “passionate and sensual”. I LOVE.

What are you loving this December?