Do Good For Your Skin with Africa Organics

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My skin is quite sensitive. Not so much so that it goes red, bumpy and angry at everything, but I’ve seen it react to shower gels and body lotions. Most body lotions sit on my skin and clog my pores (am I the only one to experience this?) and sometimes cause little bumps to appear, especially on my legs. I love a good organic product more than I love a non-organic product, given that it performs as well because, hey, why not do away with all the chemicals and have less synthetic stuff on your skin?

Onto the subject of this post, and that is Africa Organics’ Kalahari Melon Body Wash. As I mentioned before, my skin sometimes reacts to shower gels. Not this one! It’s amazing.  


First up, the scent is AMAZING! It’s a fresh, uplifting, zingy orange smell. They only use 2 essential oils to make it smell pretty, which is better than a whole bunch of artificial fragrances. The packaging is clean and simple, and I love the rose gold square on the tube. The shower gel itself is sulphate-free and contains mild, biodegradable foaming agents, which is why I think it has a calming effect on my skin. It contains skin loving ingredients in the form of Kalahari Melon (with its  omega-6’s to help condition skin) and anti-oxidants from Rooibos and Honeybush. Lastly, I love that 100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin, that it’s organically certified and you can actually see the certification (if you visit their website). It doesn’t make my skin angry or irritated and I don’t dislike anything about this product! It ticks the performance, scent, chemical-free and price boxes. If you’re looking for a new shower gel, do try this one out!

A 210 ml tube will cost you R45 and is available from Dis-Chem here. For all stockists, click here.

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