Dry Shampoo Face Off | Batiste VS Colab

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I have long hair and I don’t have time to wash and heat style every day. Also, I don’t want to. Because of this I am a dry shampoo lover. I use it every day whether my hair is freshly washed or not. I love the volume that it gives and the fact that it extends my hairstyle by a day or two. I have been a fan of the stuff since its humble beginnings. In the summer of 2011 and in NYC, I remember getting a brush-on organic powder sort as well as a crazily pigmented brown dry shampoo in a can (that, when you sprayed it, left brown graffiti spots on your head) because I couldn’t get my hands on the stuff here. When it did eventually arrive in SA, the offerings were slim, with most brands leaving white residue on your hair, rendering your hair somewhat grey, giving you that telltale dry shampooed look.

Fast forward to 2015 and there are SO MANY BRANDS TO CHOOSE FROM! From Kerastase to TiGi to Tresemme, there’s a dry shampoo for every budget.

Because of said obsession, I have pretty much tried most brands. For the longest time I have stuck with Batiste, having found that most other brands give you that dreaded granny hair look or are just too expensive for what you get.

Today’s epic battle is between two worthy competitors: Batiste Medium & Brunette Lightly Coloured Dry Shampoo and Colab Sheer & Invisible Dry Shampoo.





° It refreshes instantly.

° It gives volume to flat hair.

° If you’ve missed your colour appointment, it acts as a root touch-up by giving your roots a subtle tinge of colour.

° No telltale granny hair in sight (unless you spray the stuff too close to your hair).

° It’s great value for money (at around R90 for a 200ml can, especially when Clicks runs their 3 for 2 promotions).


°Be prepared for brown dirty fingernails any time you scratch your scalp. The underside of your nails will resemble those of a gardeners. Eeeeuw. Your hands might also get a bit dirty. And sometimes even your clothing…

° I’m not too enamoured by the smell. I mean, it’s not gross and it doesn’t linger. It’s just not my favourite scent.





° Holy heavens! This product gives you so much volume, it’s insane. It contains starch, talc and silica and I suspect that the combination of these three aid in the amplified volume. If you want a messy bun or some height at your crown, simply spray away and get ready for some big hair!

° It has fantastic staying power and I find myself using it much less than I would if I were using the Batiste one.

° The different options smell fantastic! Monaco smells citrusy fresh like Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino, Rio smells pleasantly sweet and London smells more sophisticated. I love all them.

° There is no residue. At all (given that you spray from an appropriate distance).

° It’s great value for money (available at Clicks for around R90 for a 200ml can).


° My roots feel super chalky. But I can deal.

° Once it’s applied, it’s SO difficult to brush my hair. The brush gets stuck at the roots and I have to fight to get it through.

° I’ve had three dud cans so far, and am starting to get annoyed and  pretty fed up with Colab’s inconsistency. Read more about it below in the updates.



It’s a tie! I am super impressed with Colab’s dry shampoo, but also love Batiste’s. I use each one with a different goal in mind.



° Begin by sectioning your hair. Hold the can about 15 cms away from your hair and spray.

° Once you are happy with the amount of product on your hair, brush or comb through to work it through your roots.

° If you have any white patches, wipe off the excess with a tissue and comb the product through to work out the whiteness.

° For the perfect messy bun, tease your ponytail, spray with Colab’s dry shampoo, a bit of hairsrpay and twist into a bun.


Now go forth and enjoy fresh, clean, volumized hair or read my article about how you can make your dry shampoo work harder for you here.


Update on 21 January 2016: I almost only use Colab now – it’s just easier, it smells better, gives more volume and pesky-brown-fingernail days are over! I’m officially declaring Colab the overall winner.

Update on 11 February 2016: I’m still using Colab but found that I have purchased a dud bottle. I’ve gone through the can really quickly, but that’s because it doesn’t contain the same amount of product per spray as the other cans I’ve used before. If this happens to you, just return it to Clicks because it’s defective.

Update 21 February 2016: I encountered another can of Colab that doesn’t perform. I am taking it back to Clicks. How do you know if it’s not working like it should? When you spray your roots, nothing really happens. If you spray too close, it should look like you have powder in your hair. When you take it back to Clicks, you can show them by spraying the defective can on your hand, versus one that works. The one that works will leave a small patch of powder. I am minusing points from Colab for this. Inconsistency and products that don’t do what they say is not okay.

Update 10 May 2016: Yet another can of non-working dry shampoo. Grrrr. Colab, get your act together.

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