Finally! An Amazing SPF Hand Cream

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I remember my mom telling me that you can always look at a lady’s hands to tell her real age. She might have beautiful facial skin, but her hands are a more accurate depiction. According to a top Hollywood dermatologist, the most common laser procedures include skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, chest, and hands. Because I want to live a laser-free life as much as possible, I made it my mission to find a cream especially formulated for hands, containing SPF. Sure, I could just wear gloves like my client’s mother (who wore gloves all year round come rain or blistering heat, and who has the most beautiful, ageless hands) or use actual SPF. But I wanted a non-greasy, small tube that I could pop in my bag. After many hours at the mall and much googling, I found the ONE.


Bionike is an Italian brand, founded in Milan in the 1930’s as a pharmaceutical company. They make treatments for sensitive, allergic and highly-reactive skin. During my travels to Italy I saw Bionike products in every pharmacy, and I figured that if they’re trusted by Italians, who are known for their proclivity for quality, they’re good enough for me!

Bionike B-Lucent Anti-Dark Spots Hand Cream SPF 20 claims to be a richly textured, yet easily absorbed skin protector that makes skin softer. It claims that daily use helps to reduce the number and extension of dark spots and prevents their formation. It is fragrance, preservative and gluten free.


Does it live up to its claims?

This hand cream is richly textured, easily absorbed offers protection from the sun. I have one spot on my hand that I don’t like, and I feel that this cream keeps it in check. The first time I bought a tube, the saleslady told me that even when I’m not in the sun, I can use it as a treatment. I absolutely love Bionike’s Skin Evening Hand Cream, and I’m already on my third tube.

Available at Dis-Chem for R140

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