First Montblanc Boutique Opens in Sandton City

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Last week saw the opening of the first neo-concept Montblanc boutique store in South Africa, the first such store in the region encompassing Africa, the Middle East and India.

The 119 m² boutique, designed by French designer and interiors architect Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance offers writing instruments, watches and jewellery, and leather goods.

The Writing Instrument Experience       

At the rear of the boutique, the Manufacture Bar will enable customers to engage with product experts, and those who want to enjoy the pleasure of writing will have the opportunity to test the diverse range of writing instruments, nibs and inks in the Montblanc collection. The dedicated area also includes a digital corner showcasing the latest Montblanc ScreenWriter editions that enable writing in the digital realm.

 The Leather Atelier

In addition to providing the perfect showcase for Montblanc’s leather collections, the Leather Atelier encapsulates all the distinctive elements of fine Italian leather with a “touch and feel” experience that includes a unique leather library containing more than 50 different skins inside bound books. Collections on display include the recently launched Montblanc Urban Spirit Collection, with elegant, functional pieces for the travelling urbanite.

 The Lounge Collectors

An intimate space where curves and straight lines play off each other, collectors can view limited editions of both watches and writing instruments, including the recently launched William Shakespeare Writers Edition, or experience Montblanc customization services, from embossing leather goods to bespoke Creation Privée personalization, in the most comfortable and private setting.



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Me and my lovely friend, Tanja


Montblanc Middle East, Africa and India with Maps Maponyane

Eric Vergnes, President of Montblanc Africa, Middle East India with Maps Maponyane

You can find the new Mont Blanc store on the upper level of Sandton City next to Cartier at the entrance to the new Diamond Walk.

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