Gelish Dip is Here

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Since I’ve had my nails done with Gelish Dip, I’ve had 8 women excitedly, albeit somewhat ferociously, ask me about the details. I know how passionate I am about pretty nails, now I realise just how SERIOUS women are about their nails. So here are the details …

What is it?

Gelish Dip is an acrylic dip system in powder form that sits between the Gelish gel that most of us know and love and acrylic. It’s stronger than gel but not as thick as traditional acrylic application. It’s literally perfect – there’s no UV or LED light required. And it’s quick.

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The Process

First, a Prep coat is applied, followed by a Base coat. Next, your nail technician will dip your nail into a the coloured powder of your choice and then dust off the excess using a brush. The process is repeated again with another Base coat and another dip. To finish off, a coat of Activator is applied, which turns your nails matte, and another round of Base coat. If your nails are uneven, now is when your nail technician will buff them to make sure there are no lumps or bumps. To finish off, another round of Activator is applied, followed by a Top coat, and you’re done. No light required.

kudos to Gelish dip

What I love about this system is that there’s no smell, no baking and that the coloured powder almost builds your nail into a different shape. If you’ve had acrylic done before, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Another thing I like is that when I have my nails done with acrylic, my nails ache and throb, which isn’t ideal. After I had my nails done with the Gelish Dip system, I felt nothing.

If you’re a lover of a good French manicure, Gelish Dip guarantess a perfect, precise and identical smile line every time. The French Dip Jar has two sides and gives you the choice of either a round of oval smile line.

So far, I’m loving my Gelish Dip mani. The colour is beautiful and my nails feel really strong. The only negative thing is that it has chipped on the side of my nail on 3 fingers. I still love it though.

If you’re curious about the process works, here’s a short video:

Gelish Dip will be available mid-March at select salons and spas nationwide. The pricing will be about R60-R80 more than a regular Gelish gel mani. You can e-mail to find out where your nearest Gelish Dip salon is. Happy dipping!

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