How to Always Look Chic

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Grooming Essentials

For sensational skin, treat yourself to regular facials (DIY or at a spa) and maintain with a bi-weekly body and face scrub. Get your eyebrows done – thread, tweeze or tint – to get them into shape as your eyebrows frame your face. With your eyebrows and skin looking great, you have the basics down.


Go for a mani (whether at a spa or your very own home).  If you prefer the natural look, go au naturale, but do have your nails neatened and shaped. Also, remove any odd bits of skin. If you love nail polish, take care that it doesn’t look chipped as details make all the difference.  The prettier your hands, the more confident you will be to use your hands to talk, especially when you have a darker colour on your digits.


Making an effort to apply your makeup in a natural way that enhances your natural beauty goes a long way to ensure you look groomed. You can’t go wrong with a repertoire of BB Cream/lightweight foundation, a bit of bronzer, some blush, eye shadow, lipstick and mascara. A lady should always know how to perfectly apply makeup to her face, and if you need any help, I am available for makeup lessons. Head on over to my website to book a session with me.


We all know that when we have a good hair day, we feel as if we can take on the world. If you’re unsure of what colour to go or what style suits your face, come and see me for a Face Shape Analysis. Also, apply a hair mask weekly or bi-weekly, if you have the time. Not sure how to style your hair? Youtube is full of wonderful tutorials and inspiration, so get watching!


Less is More

Never wear too much self-tan, bling or pink and especially not this terrible trifecta all together.


 Suitably styled

Never wear fake designer brands. Ever. Dan Ariely, the author of a new book about dishonesty, says women who wear fake brands are more likely to lie and cheat than other women. Yikes! Read more about it here.


Back to Basics

Begin with the right underwear. Bras and panties should be the right size and should never dig into your skin. Go for a bra-fitting to make sure that you are wearing the correct size and style. Splurge on underwear that makes you feel good!


Dress your Body Right

Don’t torture yourself by forcing your body into clothes that won’t suit and fit you. Appreciate what you have and dress to highlight your figure. If you need a little help with how to dress your body, head over to my website to learn more about my Body Beautiful service.


Capsule Collection

Create a clothing capsule that consists of key items: a pair of pants and jeans that flatter your body shape, a blazer, a beautiful blouse, a white shirt, a white t-shirt, stylish flats, gorgeous heels and a quality handbag that you love. Be prepared to spend a bit on these key pieces because they will see you through a multitude of occasions. Read more about what basics should be in your wardrobe here.


Posture Perfect

Carry yourself with grace. Keep your chin parallel to the floor and pull your shoulders back. Now smile and get ready to take on the world, you magnificent creature!


Love yourself!

Loving yourself is by far the best beauty treatment you will ever have. Develop a positive attitude on everything there is about you – from the way you think (watch your negative self-talk), to how you talk (about yourself and others) and of course how you look. People will feel your loving acceptance.

 Lots of love,


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