Kardashian Beauty Launches at Stuttafords

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Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are most well known for, amongst other things, their beauty. Whenever they step out, their hair and makeup is flawless. We all know that it takes a team of people to make them look as gorgeous and glamorous as they do, with Khloe even going so far as to say “It takes a whole village of people to make me look this good”. Just because you don’t have a glam squad doesn’t mean that you can’t capture their essence and get a taste of the girls’ favourite products. All you need to do is head off to Stuttafords to get your hands on the Kardashian Beauty range. When you think of the Kardashian trio, you think of defined eyes, perfect pouts and bronzed, glowing skin so it makes total sense that the girls have included bronzers, shimmers, lip glosses, mascaras and fake lashes in their beauty line. The product that interested me the most was the K24 Prime Golden Makeup Primer Gelee. At first glance, it looks like craft glitter, but don’t let that scare you – it’s said to be a base that will prepare your skin for flawless makeup. To use, cleanse skin thoroughly and dry. Apply a layer of the glitter gel on face and leave for five minutes, and then remove with a facecloth and warm water. After application, your skin should illuminate with a subtle shimmer. To get your hands on this golden gel and other new and interesting products, visit Stuttafords today!

Stay beautiful Lovelies!