Konjac Facial Sponge | Beauty Review

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I love new and different things, so it makes total sense that when I heard about the Konjac sponge, I was very intrigued and couldn’t wait to try it out. They are available in different varieties, and I eventually decided on the Aloe Vera for dry skin kind.

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What is a Konjac sponge?

Konjac comes from a potato-like plant in Asia that is both cultivated and grows wild at high altitudes. The Japanese have used Konjac for over 1500 years as a food source and over the last century have been using the Konjac potato as a beauty treatment. Made from the root of the konjac plant, these squishy sponges are used in your cleansing routine to help you more effectively dislodge, dirt, oil, and blackheads. The naturally moisture rich plant fibre of the konjac plant is alkaline to balance the acidity of skin oils and impurities

How do you use it?

When you pick up your sponge it will be dry and hard. Run it under some warm water until it’s completely soaked through and soft (it will grow to double its size). Once wet and puffy, use the flat side (with the curved part fitting snugly in your palm) in a circular motion around your face to exfoliate and remove dirt and grime. You can use it with or without cleanser.

My thoughts

Because I have dry skin, every morning I just usually splash my face with water (I once read this suggestion from a celebrity aesthetician, although I can’t remember who) and even plain ol’ water leaves my skin feeling tight at times. Not the case with the Konjac sponge – no dryness in sight! The whole thing about the Konjac sponge is that it’s supposed to give a gentle exfoliation, which it definitely provides. When it comes to me, I like more of an in depth exfoliation, but realise that I would probably scrub my face off, if I had a good and proper exfoliation every morning! So, thumbs up for its gentleness and ability to combat dry skin.

Because I use my Clarisonic at night, and also regularly exfoliate, I can’t say that using the Konjac sponge has made my skin look better or more radiant. Also, in the beginning it had a really unpleasant and weird scent (that’s if you get your nose right in there). I don’t think it did anything for my skin particularly mention-worthy, so sadly, I wont be buying this sponge again. I got mine from Rubybox for around R230. Interestingly though, they seem to have done away with the ‘flavours’ available when I got mine, and now only have Bamboo Charcoal, French Green Clay, Pure White, French Pink Clay and French Red Clay.

Rating: 3/5
Product: 3/5
Packaging: 5/5 (the sponge comes in a colour-matching cardboard box – clean and simple)
Quality: 4/5
Price: R230
Would I buy again?: Nope.
Where to buy: Faithful to Nature, Rubybox or Zando