Morgan Taylor | The Great Ice-Scape

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Morgan Taylor’s new The Great Ice-Scape collection, inspired by figure skating, offers six new gorgeous shades of soft pinks, milky blues, and a copper shimmer. These six new chic colours are perfect for winter, with their icy tones.

N-ice Girls Rules is a gorgeous pale pink with pink and silvery shimmer. For an opaque look, you’ll need 3 coats.

Figure 8’s & Heartbreaks is a medium dusty mauve creme. 

Ice Queen Anyone? is a real pretty copper metallic shimmer. It’s perfect for a little bit of winter glam.

Lace ‘Em Up is a dark midnight blue creme, and you can get away with one thick coat, it’s that opaque. I’ve been wearing it on my toes all winter long, and it’s the perfect colour!

Flirt In A Skating Skirt is a medium cornflower-ish blue creme.

Hey, Twirl-friend! is a pale warm Nude Crème.

How cute are the names? The Collection is available at Dis-Chem, Sorbet and selected salons, for R149 each. There is also a mini 4-pack for R246 which is the best way to try most of the collection out. The mini pack has N-ice Girls Rule, Figure 8’s & Heartbreaks, Ice Queen Anyone? and Flirt In A Skating Skirt.