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After having been impressed after by the Esse products at Rain Urban Boutique Spa, I decided to treat myself to a night cream. My skin type is dry, so I opted for the Rich Moisturiser.

What it says:

Esse Rich Moisturiser leaves the skin feeling softer, perfectly nourished and moisturised.
High levels of omega 6 essential fatty acids in Marula Oil provide intense nourishment. Olive Leaf Extract improves skin elasticity and acts as a potent anti-oxidant. Yangu and Manketti oils are included for their UV barrier function.”

What I think:

I love it! The packaging already makes me trust the product. That might sound silly, but there is a mix of old school (the brown glass jar reminds me of tried and tested products from back in the day) and new school (the silver lid and the spatula gives it a clean, modern feel). I apply it at night before I go to sleep and gently pat it into my skin. It took me a while to get used to the scent (nothing artificial here), but now I am in love with it! It does the job perfectly of hydrating my dry skin and when I wake up, my skin is literally glowing.


I love this moisturiser, but using it daily and nightly has lead to a few unwanted happenings on my skin. Bear in mind that I am using the Rich variation and it is Summer, and in Summer your skin requires less heavy formulations. I think I will use this as a treatment for my skin once a week or when Winter makes its icy return.

Why I love it?

 My skin feels soft and smooth
It keeps my skin wonderfully hydrated
 It has a lovely natural smell
My skin feels very loved, pampered and nourished
 It is certified organic, so I feel like I am doing good
I don’t have to use an eye cream because the texture is so thick
It does the job perfectly!
Esse is a proudly South African product

Rating: 5/5
Product: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5 (The inside of the box has interesting facts printed on it)
Quality: 5/5
Price: R350 for 50ml
Would I buy again?: Definitely
Where to buy: Visit Esse here or buy online at Faithful to Nature.