Set Your Makeup With Benefit The Porefessional Shine-Vanishing Pro Powder

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So the other night, I experienced browser blackout. It’s what happens when you start watching something on Youtube and then get sucked into a video vortex (some great, some useless) and then end up going to bed at 1am.

During said browser blackout I discovered Australian beauty blogger Lauren Curtis, and I couldn’t stop watching her do all sorts of things to her face. Now I don’t know if it happens to you, but I get huge product FOMO when I watch makeup tutorials, because I must have everything that all the ‘beauty gurus’ have. Having watched about 79 videos, I picked up on something that I never include in my makeup routine and that is to set my under eye makeup with powder. I don’t usually use powder for two reasons. One, it makes me look a million years old and two, I only have an oily lower ‘T’, so no real need for powder. Anyhow, it made sense to me and I decided that I MUST set my under eye makeup from that day onwards (setting your under eye makeup helps it to stay in place longer and protects your under eye area from mascara fall out). To find something that would work for my skin type, onto Google I went and eventually, after a long and hard search, rounded up 3 potential products. That weekend I went Christmas shopping with my mom, and whilst in Red Square, found 1 of the prospective powders and decided to give it a bash. I tested it, walked around the mall for a while, and found that I was mucho impressed, so I bought it. They were having a ‘15% discount off day’, so that was exciting. Don’t you love it when that happens?

The powder I’m talking about is Benefit’s The Porefessional Shine-Vanishing Pro Powder and it’s described as an ‘ultra lightweight powder that minimizes pores and reduces shine’.

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I read a lot of negative reviews about this product, mostly about the packaging and also the colour. Whilst I completely disagree on the packaging front, because I LOVE the packaging, I’m a bit on the fence about the colour claims. The colour is said to be translucent but is very apparently not translucent and has a peachy colour to it. On pale skin I can imagine it would come out a tad orange, and on dark skin it would be too light. I really don’t buy into ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to anything. How can a really pale lass use the same powder that a darker skinned lady would use? It just doesn’t make sense. They should have come out with two colour variations: one for light to medium skin and one for medium to dark skin. Anyhow, on to what I love and don’t love about this product …



I love that it renders my under eye area completely matte and it doesn’t age me at all. Because the powder is so finely milled, it doesn’t sit in fine lines and emphasise them. Product goal reached! I also love the fact that it is a warm peachy shade, and I feel like it warms up the under eye area some. I have blue circles somedays, so the peach really works by counteracting the blue. I LOOOOVE the packaging! Granted, it’s a bit gimmicky, but it’s really nifty and great for travel. It comes in a little bottle with a built-in brush at the base. All you do is twist off the brush, tap the powder into the lid, dip the brush and sweep over your face. The brush is like a baby kabuki brush and works well on skin. When you are finished, the brush makes the coolest click to let you know it’s in it’s place. Did I mention that I love the packaging?



I’ve used it on the oily patches around my nose and chin area, and it doesn’t have staying power. I had to reapply 3 times in a 9 hour period. It can also make you look super chalky (because of the mattifying property) so I would suggest that you use it sparingly. And if you do go overboard, just spritz with some Fix Plus to tone it down some. I haven’t experienced it myself, but if you have dry skin, apparently this will cling to those patches and cause orange blotches on your face. No bueno.

Depending on your skin type, colour and what you’re looking for, you might just have found a new love in this powder. I adore it and am delighted that I gave it a try. Available from Red Square and select Edgars for around R370.

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