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During winter, a lot of people battle with dry skin. Some people are moderately bad while others go crazy dry and their skin actually cracks. Today’s post is going to be short and sweet and I’m going to tell you about a miracle product that I can’t be without.

I love scanning international magazines before I go abroad so that when I’m overseas I know what’s good and what is worth getting. This particular product had shown up twice, mentioned by celebrities, and if a celebrity endorses something, you know it’s good, right? Only kidding. But I did see it popping up a lot, even on my favourite green website. I had read up such brilliant things about it that while I was browsing at Whole Foods in Bowery, New York and I saw it, of course I took it. (It was quite expensive though, for a green product I reckoned.)

I later learnt that even though a 4oz (113 gram) tub of Egyptian Magic was around R480, it lasts forever, and is worth every penny.

The deal with my mouth is weird. It isn’t happy when I wear any lip product – lip ice and the like included. It doesn’t like lipstick, it definitely doesn’t like glossy stains (it actually cracks and peels in tiny places in protest when I wear one specific lip product) and in my attempt to get forever smooth lips, I have pretty much tried everything to achieve that effect. I have gone from trusted pharmacy brands to natural and organic and not one thing works. The best thing I learnt was to actually wear nothing on my lips and then I’m okay. Or even if I want to moisturise them before I go to sleep, the best idea is to put nothing on them.

You know what I’m going to say next, right? On my super chapped lips (that wouldn’t heal no matter what I used) this did the trick! Can you imagine how happy I felt! I now swear by this and use it on my lips every night. It contains pure, natural, healing ingredient such as olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis & Divine Love. Kinda cheesy but I love that it’s infused with love. I also use it when my face is extremely dry, and on my hands. Remember (for your face) that this is a treatment not a daily mositurizer unless you’re completely dry and dehydrated, but even then I would use it every other night. You can use it on burns and eczema, to moisturise your cuticles, as eye cream and lip conditioner. I also put a dab of this on the ends of my hair in winter as a nice treat. You can also use it as a face mask. The options are truly endless.

This is the natural answer to Elizabeth Arden’s famous 8 Hour Cream of the the world, and quite frankly I’d much rather put pollen and propolis on my skin than petroleum (which is the biggest ingredient in 8 Hour Cream, incidentally.)

Read the praise for Egyptian Magic …

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Egyptian Magic is available through upscale health food stores, perfumeries, homeopathic pharmacies, and aestheticians all across the globe. Find out where you can get this miracle balm here.