Scrub Yourself Sexy With Kahve

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Scrubs just got sexy in SA, and it’s all thanks to two men!

Two Capetonian guys who love start-ups, sport, travel and women bravely step into the cosmetics industry, previously uncharted territory for them both with the brand Kahve (Turkish for coffee).

Bathroom to beach or bathroom to bedroom? You choose. Kahve, prepares you with a smooth glow for both. I love that Kahve is all about empowering you and promoting healthy skin, with their brand message “Treat yourself like the natural goddess that you are. Embrace your femininity and take hold of the endless strength you possess. Skin was designed to be caress-able, freckles to be celebrated and you to be, oh so, irresistible.


 has been having its day in the sun lately, and if its considered a superfood, why not put it on your skin!? Kahve Coconut Matcha scrub combine matcha with virgin coconut oil to enhance radiance and nourish dehydrated skin. This blend of natural antioxidants, essential oils and exfoliators does a super duper job of sloughing away dead ski cells, ans smoothes and rejuvenates my skin. As for that pesky oily film that some scrubs leave on your skin? Nothing to report here, as in no irritating residue. The best part? It smells like toasted coconut marshmallows. 


Damaged, tired and stressed skin. Post beach and sunkissed skin.


Pinch a small amount of scrub in your hand and apply directly to the target area of your body. Exfoliate in circular motions. Let the scrub absorb into the skin for two to five minutes followed by a rinse with warm water for optimum results.


The caffeine found naturally in the Robusta bean addresses cellulite, stimulates drainage, refines contours and tightens up the skin while nourishing avocado oil and Borage oil help to soften and revitalise your skin. 


To temporarily eliminate cellulite, varicose veins and tighten the skin.


Use as above, and in the morning, to energize and invigorate.


Dear skin

Meet scrub

You can thank us later

Yours in sexy skin


Get your Kahve Skin Body Scrub online, with free delivery within South Africa. Each 225g sachet has a RRSP of R280 – I find that I can get 2 uses from one sachet.

Exciting stuff! Kahve is offering a 15% discount to my readers. You can either go here, and the code will be automatically applied, or here and use the code IMAGEOLOGY at check out.

Here’s to glowing skin, lovelies.