Black & White Cool

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I love black and white. It’s my go-to colour combination. I love bright hues like fuchsia pink, pale emerald green and deep indigo, but there is something so striking and appealing about the simple combination of two colours that are absolute opposites. Technically speaking, white isn’t even a colour. It is the absence of colour. Black is what you get when you mix red, blue and yellow together. Anyway, all I know is that black and white are très chic and that I love wearing them together. Be careful of wearing plain black pants and a plain white shirt, otherwise you could end up looking like a waiter. Be sure to incorporate either a print or interesting texture (like leather-looking fabric for pants or sequins on a jacket or dress) and finish off with accessories. These are some looks I love…

Rock that black and white Lovelies!

P.S. Black and white is going to be huge and isn’t going anywhere soon. It’s all over New York!