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Up until a month ago, I would have considered myself a complete MAC devotee when it came to makeup brushes. My existing makeup brushes were looking a bit drab, so I decided to do some research as to the best makeup brushes available. My three contenders were MAC, Sigma and Real Techniques. I spent hours poring over reviews and information, until I decided that the Real techniques brushes had made the best impression on me. One of the biggest determining factors came down to price. While Sigma and MAC will have you paying a pretty penny for an entire collection of brushes, you are able to get similar brushes from Real Techniques at a fraction of the cost. I picked up my brushes from Foschini Cresta, as although Foschini stocks the brand, not all branches do.


The Powder Brush (R200) is a big, fluffy brush and although the intended use is for powders and mineral foundation, I wouldn’t recommend it at all for mineral foundation. The brush is simply too fluffy and lacks the necessary control for an even application of mineral foundation. On the other hand, it is magnificent for applying powder and brushes on just the right amount of product. It feels like a teddy bear giving you kisses all over your face!


I find the Blush Brush (R170) too big for applying blush neatly (it made a biiig portion of my cheek pink) so instead use it to apply bronzer. It is fluffy and soft and gets the job done nicely, although I would prefer if the bristles were a bit shorter, to give me a little more control.


The Expert Face Brush (R160) is for applying and blending liquid or cream foundation and I can confidently say that it works like a charm. It buffs the foundation into the skin flawlessly. I still absolutely love the way my beauty blender applies foundation to my face, so will probably keep on using it, and I have found a much better use for this brush: contouring. Because the contouring brush is only available in a set that was out of stock, I didn’t manage to get my hands on it. The Expert Face Brush does such a great job of contouring, and I finally feel like I’m getting it 100% right! The brush is so dense and bristles are shorter, which gives me so much control. The bristles also pick up the perfect amount of product. I love!


I wasn’t so sure about the Stippling Brush (R170), but am glad I got it, and use it to apply my blush. I am currently using a powder blush, and the stippling brush gives me a beautiful, airbrushed look. The wonderful thing about this brush is that it doesn’t pick up tons of product, so you can never overdo it, unless you’re trying to.


The Setting Brush (R100) is a wonderful little brush that is intended for dusting on powder or highlighter. I have discovered 2 uses for it: to blend in my concealer and to apply highlighter to my cheek bones. I love that it is so soft and fluffy. It does a beautiful job of blending in the concealer and I find that my concealer NEVER looks cakey when I use it. I love it less for applying highlighter, and would like a bit more control.

All in all I am super impressed with the brushes from the Pixiwoo sisters. The brushes feel great on my skin and my makeup looks a lot softer. The brushes all have aluminum handles, are cruelty-free and made of synthetic Taklon bristles. Because of this, they dry a lot quicker than some of my natural-bristled brushes. The only thing that I’m not a fan of is the fact that not all of the brushes are sold separately. I don’t like having to buy a whole set for one brush. I also imagine they wouldn’t be a pleasure to take on any trips, as they are quite bulky, making them not ideal for travel. Have you tried any of the Real Techniques brushes?

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