Do Some Damage Control with L’Oreal Professional Pro Fiber

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Last month I was treated to L’Oreal Professionnel’s Pro Fiber Treatment at Tanaz. It’s a three step process that determines your hair’s level of damage and puts you on the best course of action to care for your hair, to get it looking and feeling healthy.

What is it Exactly?

The Pro Fiber Programme is a long-lasting, recharging hair care programme for damaged hair. It starts in-salon with an exclusive one-on-one consultation with a stylist who determines how damaged your hair is.

Pro Fiber Formulations

L’Oreal Professionnel breaks damaged hair into 3 core types.

Level 1: Slightly Damaged Hair

Hair that has been damaged by frequent heat styling or vigorous brushing that looks dry, dull and has thinner ends. For this level of damage, your stylist would probably recommend the Pro Fiber Revive programme.

I love the fact that L’Oreal has extended the experience by including an olfactory signature for each programme. REVIVE instantly releases a delicious note of honey, magnified by the delicate scent of frangipani flower which surrounds sparkling citrus fruits and develops into a harmonious blend of vanilla and coconut. Yum!

Level 2: Damaged Hair

This includes hair that has been coloured and damaged by frequent styling or straightening. The cuticles are damaged and the internal hair cortex is unprotected and vulnerable to further damage. Damaged hair at this level will have a rough texture, with a dull appearance, an uneven colour and split ends. This level of damage would need the Pro Fiber Restore programme. RESTORE releases creamy notes with a hint of spice and the warmth of cardamom before blossoming into a bouquet of peony and iris, leaving behind a woody trail of cedar and sandalwood. I feel warm and comforted just reading the description.

Level 3: Very Damaged Hair

Very damaged hair has a very rough texture, with no shine, faded colour and split ends. At this level you would need the Pro Fiber Recover programme to regain the strength and integrity of your hair. RECONSTRUCT releases spicy accents and then unfurls into a sweet and warm fragrance with a strong note of the quintessence of vanilla.

Each programme is made up of a Concentrate, for professional in-salon use only, and to take home with you, there is a Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque, Leave-In and Re-Charge product.


How I used the Programme

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Step 1: In-Salon Treatment

My hair was analysed by the lovely Shalene of Tanaz, who decided that it wasn’t too damaged and recommended the Revive range. First up my hair was shampooed with the beautifully scented honeysuckle shampoo. The special Concentrate (in-salon only) was applied to my hair and I was given a relaxing scalp massage. Next, the Revive mask was applied to my hair and once the products were rinsed out, I cut my hair into a lob and got a blow out.

Step 2: Prolong at Home

The third day after my treatment, I used the Revive Shampoo (R240) and the Mask (R330). My hair felt light, soft and manageable.

Step 3: Recharge at Home

To boost the treatment, on every fourth wash I used the Re-Charge Cure (R600) instead of the mask and rinsed it off after 10 minutes. The Re-Charge concentrate leaves your hair smelling like vanilla.  


The Result

After my in-salon treatment and blow out I could not stop touching my hair! My hair was ridiculously soft, the softest it’s ever been, and the scent lasted until well into the next day. Using the at-home products I noticed my hair was more touchable, soft and had more shine. My split ends weren’t fixed though, and no product will ever be able to fix hair that has been split.

The Pro Fiber treatment is priced at R250 and R450 depending on the salon and length of the hair.

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