Does Quick Grow Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

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I was a bridesmaid recently, and my hair was busy doing its thing, growing out of a bob. It was in kind of an in-between phase, and I was a little bored of it. I decided I wanted to speed up this process and after some research decided to go with Quick Grow. I read a few of the reviews and was happy enough. My bestie even told me that someone at her work used it and it worked for her.

Did it work for me?

Not so much. Quick Grow recommends that you get the Advanced Amino Capsules, which I never did. Even though I got the shampoo and the conditioner for myself in the hopes of longer hair faster, I still can’t get my head around how a shampoo or conditioner, as in something from the outside, can grow your hair faster. I call BS. Especially after one retail assistant told me that it caused her hair to grow 3cm within a month. It’s also not the most hydrating when it comes to hair care, and if you don’t condition every single strand of hair, your hair can be quite straw-like. On the plus side, I LOVED the fresh scent that it gave my hair. Loved.

In this age of instant gratification, it’s tempting to go after quick fixes. Sadly, most times they don’t work. Even though I’m a skeptic when it comes to beauty companies making bold claims, I got myself some Quick Grow in the hope that my hair would grow quicker. My advice? Get some grape seed extract, silica, folic acid and minerals to get the goodness on the inside.

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