Fake Bake Coconut Tanning Serum

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Fake Bake is my favourite fake tan brand. The colour is absolutely spot on and the products are really high quality. I love their Flawless Self-Tan Liquid as well as their Body Butter for Dry Skin. I also love trying new products. So when I saw their new Coconut Tanning Serum, I was suuuuper excited.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the addition of coconut oil to a lot of beauty products lately, because of its healing and moisturising properties. Included in Fake Bake’s Coconut Tanning Serum is this wonder-ingredient, plus a few other impressive ones. The benefits of coconut oil include a source of moisture that nourishes, firms and improves skin tone as well as an anti-ageing benefit. Other ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid which plumps and smooths skin, glycerin to prevent moisture loss and Silk Amino Acids to help prevent dehydration.



I love the addition of coconut oil and hyaluronic acid to the formula, and the serum smells like coconuts. I love the fact that it dries hyperquickly and it melts into my skin. Because it has a very dark brown colour guide to let you know where it’s going, I find that I tend to blend and buff more thoroughly.


Even though I love that the formula dries so fast, it literally melts into my skin and doesn’t even give me a chance to rub it in properly, which means streaks. Eeeeeek! I have to add some body lotion to the serum to make it spreadable, and it STILL dries super fast – which I then love. Because I use Fake Bake’s body Butter on my legs, I will sometimes add some of this Coconut Tanning Serum into the mix if I want it to dry faster. Does that make sense? On it’s own, this tanning serum is crazy intense and will give me streaks. But mixed with a body cream, Dove Gradual Tanning Lotion or any other self-tan cream, it works really well.


Firstly, because it’s so pigmented, make sure you use the gloves provided because your hands can get stained pretty quickly. This serum stains like no other. If you do get a bit on your hands that won’t come off with soap and water, use a bit of toothpaste and rub, rub, rub. It should do the job. If you have dry skin, I would recommend adding some body lotion to the serum before you apply, to make it spreadable. If you have normal skin, work quickly and take it one body part at a time, taking care to blend, blend and blend some more. The colour develops in 4-6 hours, but I usually leave it on overnight and shower it off in the morning. When I mix it with another lotion, it provides me with a natural looking glow that really suits my skin tone. If you were naturally darker, it would give you a darker tan.

In a nutshell, it lasts as long as any other normal tanning product, is easy to use, dries quickly and gives a beautiful colour. I would repurchase! The size of the bottle is 148ml and is available here for R390.

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