Love for L.O.V.

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Cosnova, the same house behind Catrice and Essence, has just brought out a new new makeup range called L.O.V. While Essence is super affordable and super trendy, and Catrice is priced slightly higher, L.O.V. is the top end of the spectrum, offering more chic and fashionable makeup products, at a higher price point (although still highly affordable) in gorgeous packaging.


The L.O.V. woman is a passionate woman who loves and lives modern femininity. A fascinating, multifaceted personality – strong & determined, but at the same time inspiring, full of empathy and with a heart of gold. Her interests lie in architecture, design & art. Traveling and culture are her sources of inspiration. She has an appreciation for all things beautiful. A love of detail and cosmetics are her passion. Yet her true beauty shines from within. She is at peace with herself and fulfills her many roles straight from the heart and with incredible ease. As a businesswoman, mother and cosmopolitan being, she masters a true balancing act between the worlds. She is well-informed and knows the latest trends, but decides for herself what she likes and what suits her. She follows her own style. She can be anything she wants to be!

I really enjoyed using their FORBIDDEN Dramatic Volume Mascara. The brush has a unique shape that gives instant volume and curl with one coat. As far as mascaras go, I will definitely be checking out more of what L.O.V. has to offer.


They have an extensive product range, and their products are really gorgeous to look at. Do check out L.O.V.’s new offering, available at select Dis-Chem stores. You can check them out online here.

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