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Designed to stand up to the zoom, the Max Factor False Lash Epic Mascara brush with Zoom-Action Tip captures and magnified every detail of every lash for an epic lash fan. No lash is left unseen.”

I’m always excited when a new mascara lands on my beauty desk, because who doesn’t want to play with makeup and have gorgeous lashes? This mascara has a unique brush, which makes it all the more exciting.  

How to use: Push the body of the brush deep into the root to capture and magnify every detail of every lash. Then, using both sides of the brush, draw it up through your lashes. Twist the brush tip towards your eyes and with an up-and-down motion diffuse clumps, volumise and zoom in on tiny lashes. Woah. That sounds like a LOT of instruction just to make my lashes pretty.

How do I use it? Pretty much like a regular mascara. I use the main brush to apply the product to my lashes – although I usually end up sticking it in my eye and hurting myself – and then the small spiky end to get my smaller lower lashes. Now before you judge my motor skills, the brush has 4 sets of combs sticking out, and if you misjudge it, you end up whacking it into your eye. The good thing about the brush is that you can really build volume and length up nicely without your lashes looking clumpy.

Looking quite Games of Throney

I love the sleek gold and black packaging. It sets it apart from all the other [insert generic colour here] coloured mascaras out there, and is pretty to look at. 

In terms of staying power, I’m quite impressed. It’s been on for 12 hours and there has been no smudging or flaking.

Do I love it? Not so much, but if you have fine lashes you might want to give it a try.

It has a RRS price of R170 and is available exclusive to Clicks.