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Finally! The Moroccanoil range of products has reached our shores! I have been wanting to try this cult product since June 2011.

I bought the Moisture Repair Shampoo and the Treatment oil (they were out of the Moisture Repair Conditioner :( ) last Sunday.  Both products contain Argan oil, which is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and hails from Morocco.

So… What does it do and does it live up to its claims?

The Moisture Repair Shampoo:

“Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner are for hair that has been weakened or damaged by color, chemical processing or heat styling. They restore hair by bathing it in a highly concentrated formula rich in antioxidant argan oil, reconstructive keratin and fatty acids. Both products restore elasticity, moisture and manageability. The formulas are free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens, so they’re safer for the environment and won’t dry, fade or strip color-treated hair.”

The Treatment Oil:

“Moroccanoil® Treatment’s versatile, nourishing and residue-free formula can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. It blends perfectly with other products and even speeds up drying time. This treatment for hair completely transforms and repairs as its formula transports lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection. It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage.”

The Verdict?

I. Am. In. Love. ♥♥♥

You need only use a small amount of shampoo which lathers up nicely. Be warned that because this shampoo is sulfate free, it doesn’t lather up as much as regular shampoo, which is full of the nasty ingredient, SLS. (SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a synthetic chemical which is widely used in shampoos, detergents and other things that clean. They’re so commonly used because they cut through oil and they’re inexpensive. SLS can dry both your hair and scalp and can contribute to colour fading. Read about the nasty effects of SLS here.) I liked that the shampoo made my hair feel clean, without stripping it of all the natural oils. Squeaky clean is not a good thing, people! I used my regular conditioner but couldn’t wait to apply the treatment oil which I did after towel drying (by patting, not rubbing).

The Treatment Oil worked for me in these 5 ways:

1. It made my hair shiny
2. It added moisture
3. It helped to control frizz
4. It enhanced my natural body
5. It left my hair looking silky 24 hours later!

What do I love about the shampoo?
– the smell! (it smells a bit like Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘Le Male’)
– it’s sulfate, phosphate and paraben free (making it non-drying and safe for colour-treated hair)
– it doesn’t strip all the moisture and oil from my hair

What do I love about the oil?
– the smell!
– the pump bottle
– the fact that it doesn’t make your hair greasy, even if you use too much (which I find a lot of other serums do)
– it doesn’t weigh my hair down (I have long hair)
– the result: soft, smooth, silky hair

The Moroccanoil brand has a huge celebrity following and everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Katy Perry, Natalie Portman and Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga swear by it! Celeb-worthy products at an affordable price. I like :)

Rating: 5/5
Product: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Price: R210 for the shampoo and R375 for the oil
Would I buy again?: Absolutely
Where to buy: Studio Nine, 15 The High Str, Melrose Arch  (I spoke to a knowledgeable stylist called Robbie)

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