New | L’Oreál Infallible Gel Nail Lacquer

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L’Oreál Paris introduces their first nail polish to ever challenge a gel manicure. The Nail Lacquers are described as a hybrid combination in which formulas interact with one another to create a unique matrix, which allows for up to 12 days of beautiful, high shine nails. Sounds good to me!

LÓreál Infallible Nails


High-intensity micronized pigments deliver an outstanding opaque colour. The colour formula contains a high concentration of a new generation of resin, the FLEX-RESINTM developed or its flexibility and adhesive properties. It spreads evenly across nails to create an indestructible mesh. Its flexibility optimizes the wear and helps resist chipping.


Magnifying agents crystallise the mesh curing colour to a rock-solid surface. Wait 30 seconds between the colour and the top coat application. The top coat formula contains crystal polymers that rise to surface to amplify colour, magnify shine and plump nail volume.

The Colours

I love the colour offering a lot and I think L’Oreál have launched this collection starting with the perfect colours. There is something for everyone (just not if you’re into blues and greens, sorry!) in the form of 6 gorgeous colours including a sweet soft pink (Irresistable Bonbon), a bold magenta shade (Deep Magenta), a bright fuchsia (Fuchsia For Life), a fiery red (Double Entendre), a beautiful burgundy (Always a Lady) and an intense orange (Orange Extreme), with 2 neutrals that include a pretty nude (Forever Mink) and the most gorgeous, glimmering pale grey (Gris Eternel).

How did it Wear?

I can’t say that it lived to its “up to 12 day” claim, but I managed to get a glossy 5 days’ wear from Always a Lady (a beautiful deep burgundy), after which the polish started to chip on the tips of a few of my nails. I still think that 5 days is good going for a nail polish, though.

All in all I quite like the Infallible Nails range. The packaging is cute and the colours are gorgeous. I love how some of the top coats have a tinge of colour to them, which compliments their partner nail polish shade. They’re also great value – where else can you get a  nail colour and top coat for under R100?

Available in 8 shades from August 2014, L’Oreál Infallible Nail Lacquers are available exclusively at Dis-Chem with a RRSP of R99.95.