OOTD | Soft Pink & Studs

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I have been on the hunt for a neutral jacket – one that I can wear when I’m not wearing any black – so imagine my utter delight when I walked into Zara Cresta and spotted this divine creation! First up, this jacket is just gorgeous! It has loads of detail (which I love) in the form of collar detailing, zippers and double front layering. It kind of reminds me of a biker jacket, but because it’s made from fabric and not leather, that edge is toned down. Secondly, it’s so nice and warm, being perfect for layering in colder winter months. Thirdly, it has a lot of detail so you can pair it with fairly neutral items and still look très interesting. For those of you who don’t know, Zara has opened up a store at Cresta and it is glorious! There are no hordes of hungry fashionistas and there is almost never a queue when lining up to part with your dollar billz!

I look so melancholic because I am yet to discover that I am flanked by two ugly electrical sockets

Standing on one leg while the electrical sockets stand proudly by my side


Thank the Lord! No more electrical sockets, just zips for days


My bag is open on the side with what appears to be a green post it note that is dying to make its debut appearance on my blog (I seriously have NO idea what that even is! I checked my bag this morning and it wasn’t there!)

Jacket and pants from Zara | Bag from Aldo | Neck piece by Asch from Spree | Heels by Valentino from Bergdorf Goodman