Perfect Pizza

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Last Sunday, Boyfriend and I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather, so we headed to Emmarentia for a leisurely stroll. It really is a beautiful, well-kept park and a pretty place to spend some time enjoying some of the small things in life: being out in nature, the crisp, cool air, the sound of ice cream vendors, the winter sun on your face and holding hands with someone that you love.

Having worked up an appetite, when lunch time rolled around, we decided that only pizza would do. Boyfriend and I are great pizza enthusiasts and when the urge hits, we usually go to one of two places: Andiccio 24 or Nonna Mia’s. We discovered this amazing eating place (Nonna Mia’s) on date number 2, and are hearts have been forever captured.

Most of you will know of Andiccio. They’re fast, friendly and the ingredients are always fresh. The red velvet cupcakes are to die for! Another plus is that they sell my favourite: cherry coke as well as other imported Italian drinks :). They even once made heart shape pizzas for one of my birthdays!

If you have have neither heard of nor been to Nonna Mia’s, do yourself a favour and go, pronto! The interior is sunny, happy, clean and inviting. Bearing in mind that Boyfriend and I have had our fair share of pizza-eating experiences throughout our respective lives, we have come to the conclusion that … We want Nonna Mia’s pizza at our wedding one day! Only kidding. What I am trying to convey though, is the absolute deliciousness of Nonna Mia’s rectangular pizzas and the fact that we agree that they serve the best pizza we have ever tasted. I have tried a few of their yummy pizza offerings, but always order the Perugia, which is smoked salmon, creme fraiche and chives on a crispy, flavourful margharita base. Molto delizioso! Nonna Mia’s is authentically Italian, and whilst I haven’t tried the pastas and other main meals (the Perugia always gets me), they all look delicious! If I’ve got you interested, click here to look at their menu. I will say however that Nonna Mia’s is more for a relaxed, casual date. They are a family restaurant, so not big on romance. Buono appetito!

The Perugia

The Monza

The lovely San Pellegrino Aranciata orange soda that we had with our meal

Rating: 5/5
Taste: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Price: R54 for the Picollo (small) Perugia and R62 for the medium Monza
Would I go again?: Si!
Where to find them: Blubird Shopping Centre, Corner Atholl-Oaklands Rd & Fort Street, Birnam, Jhb