Vichy Thermal Spa Water

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Vichy Thermal Water

If you’re a girl and you’ve been living on planet Earth for a while, I’m certain that you would have come across a facial mist. I remember when I was 21, I bought my first can of Vichy Thermal Spa Water, and used it religiously because I wanted perfect skin (which I probably had at the time!). Since its launch onto the market, 15 Clinical studies have proven the skin health benefits of Vichy Thermal Water. Recognized by the French Academy of Medicine for its soothing and fortifying properties, it completes every skin care regimen and is present in all Vichy products. Vichy Thermal Water helps to reinforce skin’s natural barrier function, while it antioxidant properties help the skin fight the signs of aging. Protected and fortified, skin is more resistant to environmental aggressors.

Some interesting facts:

  • Vichy Thermal Water was discovered in the Gallo-Roman era from 52BC to 480 AD
  • In 1677, under the reign of Louis XIV, Madame de Sévingné observed that Vichy waters make the skin “soft”
  • Vichy Thermal Water is never treated after collection, and is 100% pure and natural
  • Vichy Thermal Water is fragrance-, additive-, paraben- and preservative-free

How to use

After spraying, leave it to work for a few moments then gently pat dry. If you skip the drying step, the water will evaporate, drawing the moisture out of your own skin, dehydrating you. During the day, use it to soothe and refresh your skin. Use morning and night to complete your cleansing routine.

Vichy France

The first Vichy treatments in the 1930’s

How I use it

  • I especially love it during summer to cool my skin down – I just spray it all over my face and then give it a pat with a tissue.
  • I also use it after applying heavier makeup – it just seems to help ‘blend’ everything together.
  • When I’m having a girly night, and I’m doing the face mask thing, I like to spritz a bit of it onto my face to soothe and calm my skin.

If you feel like your skin could do with some soothing and/or refreshing, or you don’t mind adding an an extra albeit speedy step to your cleansing/moisturising/mask/makeup routine, I would highly recommend this ‘miracle’ mist with its healing minerals.