Zoja Jewels

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Serbian South African-born jewellery designer Zoja Mihic’s jewellery is all about contrast-rich delicate and chunky ornaments that include gilded silver rings, neck pieces and earrings, usually set with some of her hand-selected rough-cut gems like amethyst, turquoise, citrine or peridot. Travelling between New York (where she now lives), Paris (where she studied) and India (where she has a workshop), Zoja still makes regular trips back home to South Africa, and on her most recent trip, to launch her jewels at a pop-up store inside Luminance in April 2014. Zoja’s pieces are understated exquisiteness, and I find that there is something so beautiful about the rough-cut, uneven, imperfect gemstones paired with the delicateness of fine gilded silver. Zoja explains that she wanted to make gold jewellery more accessible by creating pieces of jewellery people would not feel intimidated to wear, with the idea being to bridge the gap between costume jewellery and fine jewellery. Shoppers rejoice, because her pieces are now available at Luminance, with the prima line being crafted especially for Luminance. For more info you can contact Zoja at info@zojajewels.com.

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