A Pageant With a Difference

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Last night I attended the annual Mr & Ms Gareth Cliff at Stuttafords, Sandton. When I say pageant with a difference, I mean pageant with a difference. Attendees were treated to an eyeful of contestants’ various quirky ‘talents’, which included Karina, who could do the Mexican wave with her eyebrows, Johan, with inexplicably huge calves – neither artificial nor built up by loads of calf raises, and Freddy, with size 23 feet, amongst others.

Gareth Cliff

Jen Su

Left: The overall winner, Kate, who could stick her entire fist in her mouth (which was quite awkward to watch) 

Top Right: Mr GC, Matt, who is able to make interesting noises with his clavicle and Ms GC, Laurette, who has one seriously squint eye that makes her see 6 people instead of one, and who can impersonate Bert Le Clos

Bottom right: Gareth Cliff was emperor for the night


Leather jacket from Mango | t-shirt from Cotton On | Leggings and heels from Zara | bag from Call it Spring

5FM’s Leigh-Ann Mol, Stuttafords Marketing Manager Derik Van Wyk and fellow blogger Marina Brokorenko

If you have any strange or unique talents, you should consider entering next year’s pageant! You can get all the details from garethcliff.com.