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According to Bioderma, dehydrated skin is the most commonly cited skin problem. Women want smooth, radiant, plumped up skin. With this in mind, Bioderma developed the new Hydrabio range, and I was pretty damn excited when I got the invitation to attend the launch.

The Hydrabio range offers intense hydration properties due to a Vitamin P and Apple seed extract which claim to “stimulate the activity of Aquaporins, the natural channels allowing water flow within the skin”.

Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF 30


Initially I was a bit confused as to the actual function of this Smoothing moisturising care and Radiance Booster. As I deduced from the name and by using it, I decided that it’s basically a lightweight moisturising cream with SPF that has a slightly pearlescent, skin blurring effect (thanks to soft focus, fine powders of pearl). It gives a subtle iridescent finish to the skin and doesn’t leave skin feeling dewy, which is what I associate with a slight shimmer. Because of that I was able to use it as a primer and it worked well too. It gets the thumbs up from me as a fancy sunscreen – not only does it protect your face from UVA and UVB rays, it also provides a blurring effect. The tube is nice and hygienic, with a pump that dispenses the optimum amount of product for use each time so no wastage! I love clever packaging.  R319.95 for 40ml.


Hydrabio Crème – Riche 

bioderma ydrabio

This moisturising cream is for dry to very dry, sensitive skins. As face creams go, it’s okay. It gave me a few pimples and I didn’t see much in terms of hydrated skin. R319.95 for a 50ml jar.


Hydrabio Masque


This moisture mask is the business and I would recommend it as the standout product in this range. I took it with me to use on holiday (I always take some form of face mask in case me and my family want to get rowdy with a face mask party) and was super impressed. The directions say to use it every day for the first week and then once or twice a week thereafter. I followed the instructions diligently and used it as per the recommended time of 10 minutes, sometimes even leaving it on for longer. Then I had a brilliant idea to apply some organic rosehip oil to my skin first before applying the mask. Well, this just enhanced the way it performs and it’s the only way I use this mask now. When all the goodness has soaked in, just dab off the excess. You don’t have to go rinse it off. R249.95 for 75 ml.


Hydrabio H20


Along with the face mask, this product is a superstar. I actually stopped using micellar water a while ago because I felt that my skin was too dry, and the micellar water was contributing to said dryness. I love a good micellar water cleanse because its quick and painless and was quite bummed to be doing away with one of my favourite products. When I laid eyes on Bioderma’s Micellar Water for Sensitive Dehydrated Skin, I swear my eyes turned into little hearts. hydra6

I love this micellar cleanser, because it does what the beloved Sensibio H20 variant (the one with the pink cap) does, but is for dry, dehydrated skins. And I can use micellar water now! R199.95 for 250ml or R299.95 for 500ml.

Bioderma is vailable at selected Clicks & Dis-Chem stores, independent pharmacies and Dermatologists.

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