Lash Love with Eylure

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Do you ever watch Youtube makeup tutorials and everything is going great until the the part comes where they stick on the false lashes and inside you’re like “Eeek! I could never do that!”? And even though you love the look of falsies, you can’t be bothered because sure, they look great on camera and on someone else, but you’re not so sure how they would translate on you. I must admit that I was one of those people, but then I realised that, as with everything else, practice makes perfect. All you have to do is give it a go, and you will get better at it (liquid eyeliner I’m talking to you too!). I’m also a fan of the natural look, so I was never drawn to over the top, feather-like looking lashes.

In line with all our criteria and just for us, Eylure has launched a ‘Naturals Starter Kit’, which contains all you need for a perfect lash look. The lashes are fine and evenly balanced and are perfect for the beginner lash wearer or for someone looking for just a little oomph in their daily look. They add length and fullness without being too noticeable. The kit contains a set of lashes, a practice lash (how cool is that!?), 2 Lashfix adhesives and one applicator. And if all of that doesn’t get you needing a pair of these naturals in your life, get this: the lashes are reusable. Eyelash goals officially reached.


Available from Dis-Chem for R79.95


This is how they look once applied.