L’Oreal Releases First Ever Smart Hairbrush

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L’Oreal has teamed up with French consumer electronics company Withings, to create a smart hairbrush that’s designed to keep your scalp in peak condition. The Kérastase Hair Coach was inspired by people’s tendency to brush their hair too vigorously, causing long-term damage.

The smart brush isn’t called smart for nothing. It includes a microphone that can listen to the sound of your hair to offer insights on frizziness, as well as a gyroscope capable of analyzing your brushing patterns to measure how forceful you are when untangling your hair. If you pull too hard, the handle will vibrate in order to warn you to go easy on your scalp. A conductivity sensor helps determine if your hair is wet or dry.

All of this data is synced to a smartphone app that analyses it, alongside the local weather information (how cool is that!?) to give you tips on how to best care for your hair. The brush will also recommend which Kérastase products you should buy to keep your locks looking lustrous.

Would you buy a smart hairbrush?

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