Mood Rail

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If you have space, why not invest in a spare clothes rack to use as ‘mood rail‘? A mood rail is kind of like a mood board – it’s a place for creativity and inspiration, and it’s beautiful to look at. The purpose is to give you the space to separate a collection of seasonal items in different colours, prints and materials depending on your preference (or mood – hence the name).

For the upcoming winter I’m really feeling blush, baby pink and maroon, and am adding a few pieces in these colours to my winter wardrobe. My cupboard is sometimes very cluttered and because “out of sight, out of mind” is real for me, I like to keep my new pieces separate from the rest of my stuff, so that I can (mostly importantly) remember to wear them and also get inspired! I’ll add a few amazing basics that I already have and love to the mood rail, like a leather biker jacket, some amazing ripped jeans and black skinny pants and then I’ll work from there, incorporating other pieces from my staple wardrobe.

In essence, a mood rail is a capsule collection of your own clothes that helps you to put outfits together – especially when you’re running low on inspiration or need to get out of the house in a hurry. It’s also a great idea for slowly packing before you go on holiday. If you were really organised, you could even use the mood rail to plan a weeks worth of outfits on a Sunday evening. Maybe this would be taking things a bit too far?

Here’s some inspiration to get your creative flow going:









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