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I don’t know about you, but I love a strong brow. I used to over-tweeze mine, but those days are over. Did you know that the closer together your brows are, the younger you look? That does not make a case for the unibrow, but has everything to do with hair signifying freshness and youth. If you’re looking at strengthening your brow game, you might want to explore L’Oreal’s impressive range of eyebrow products.

The other day I left the house in a hurry to meet a friend for brunch. On the way there, and whilst applying my lip gloss (the most perfect lip gloss ever made), I noticed in shock and with supreme horror that I had skipped the eyebrow step of my makeup routine. I felt naked. And undone. Unkempt. All because of my eyebrows? Yup. I think my eyebrows are tied to my self-esteem. Only kidding.

At brunch, I told Tanja of my brow despair and she reassured me that it wasn’t noticeable at all (maybe I have eyebrow dysmorphia). Anyway, after our delicious brunch, we strolled around Rosebank and I was like “I have to go to Dis-Chem to get something for my brows”. Before you start thinking I have a serious problem (maybe I DO!?), I was going out after brunch for the rest of the day. And I’m a perfectionist A Type personality. Anyway, back to the story.

On my previous travels, I had seen a little tube from L’Oreal called Brow Artist Plumper and was super keen to try it out, but didn’t get it at the time because I have a serious eyebrow stash full of pencils and powders and waxes. Once inside Dis-Chem, we marched straight to the L’Oreal counter and I promptly picked one up. I showed Tanja how it worked and she was so impressed she got one!


So… what exactly is Brow Artist Plumper? It’s a volumising gel mascara for your brows. The product description says that it adds character and quickly builds volume with it’s brush-on fibre gel mascara formula, with a perfectly shaped brush and precision tip for shaping. Basically, its a tinted gel-mascara that sets your brows in place and gives them definition, with fibres for volume.


♥ It defines my brows instantly and fills them in

 It sets my brows in place for the day

 It has a natural looking, matte finish

 It’s super quick and easy to use

♥ The applicator brush is really small and easy to use. Product is applied exactly where you want it.

 It’s the perfect colour for my brows (I use 02 Blond)



Unlike with pencil, where you can simply rub off to erase any colour you don’t want, when you try to rub this off, it leaves smudges and colour for days. You can’t edit your eyebrows once the mascara is set, like you can with a pencil. Once it’s on, it’s on. And unless you’re going to use makeup remover (which I’m too lazy and too pressed for time in the mornings to do) and start all over again, your best bet is to bounce your beauty blender on the beginning of your brows to erase the colour some. I do this most mornings anyway because the start of your brows shouldn’t be too defined, otherwise you look angry.


• When defining your brows, start by brushing them in an upward motion to reveal their ideal shape.

• Next, take a pencil and outline the natural shape of your eyebrows (top and bottom) to define them more

• Fill your brows in with small strokes and gently brush your brows to blend the pencil into your brow hairs

•If you want, you can apply some concealer on the under side of the brow and blend. This will highlight the shape even further.


Available in three shades for R130 from most major retailers.

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