Winter Essentials

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Every winter, there are those few items that really see you through. You can own countless tops and pairs of pants, but you will always gravitate to your favourites. These are mine…

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

[1]  A leather jacket is the perfect cover up for when it’s chilly outside. Try it with a pullover [4], a cool sweatshirt [6] or a graphic tee plus denim shirt combo [7/8 + 5] underneath. Try Mango or Zara.

[2] A blazer is an absolute must. You can wear it in a number of ways, with almost anything underneath it [4 through 8] and pair it with almost any bottom [10 through 12[ with almost any choice of footwear [15 through 17]. And that’s why a blazer is a must! My favourite blazers are from Zara, and Mango has nice ones too.

[3] It’s good to own a jacket that isn’t a leather jacket or a blazer to switch things up. Make sure that you opt for a different colour to brighten things up, as your winter wardrobe will consist mostly of black and grey tones. Pair it with neutrals to keep in the winter theme. It won’t be as versatile as a blazer in a neutral colour, but if it fits you like a charm, you’ll love wearing it! Try Zara or Truworths to find your perfect jacket.

[4] A plain grey pullover is always handy. For the most basic outfit, start with a graphic tee underneath (for some warmth) and then pair it with ripped jeans [12] and any choice of footwear [14 through 17]. Add your leather jacket and you’re good to go! Woolies sell super soft grey pullovers, and you can get the same with added lace detail at Zara.

[5] I love me a denim shirt. I dedicated a whole post to it, which you can see here. The denim shirt is a cool kid that you can pair with almost anything in your wardrobe: skirts, leggings, jackets, shirts, tees, it’s all good. You can go for a cool denim-on-denim look by pairing it with your ripped skinnies [12] and either some cool ankle boots, sneakers or flats. Add your leather jacket, a statement necklace or some midi rings and you’re lookin’ good. You can get a denim shirt almost anywhere, but my favourite place to get them would be Zara, followed by Woolies and Mango.

[6] A quirky or stylish sweatshirt is a must for this season, and they’re on trend. Pair them with any bottom and any outerwear that you would a normal top for a look that’s both comfy and stylish. Mango wins the cool sweatshirt competition. You can find others at Edgars, Zara, Truworths and even Woolies.

[7 & 8] Graphic t-shirts are a must-have for any season. A graphic tee goes so well under any jacket or even a denim shirt. It works well with heels or flats or sneakers. It also gives your outfit that added personality. I normally order my graphic tees from the USA, but you can find some pretty cool ones at Mango, Zara and even Mr Price.

[8] Midi rings are the way to go for winter, as you can’t really wear bracelets. Of course you can, but that’s only if your blazer/shirt/sweatshirt allows them to be displayed. I love a mix of midi rings, and you can find them at Lovisa, Aldo Accessories and Call It Spring. I order most of mine from over the big blue, and I particularly love Wanderlust & Co.

[9] Statement necklaces are great for winter as they can be placed under collars, and go well with just about every top you can think of wearing. Even if they are gold or silver, and not very colourful, they add interest to your outfit and can jazz up an all-black or neutral ensemble in a flash! I have a statement necklace in every colour of the rainbow, and I normally get them from Lovisa, Spree, Aldo Accessories, and from the USA.

[10] I have about 6 pairs of black leggings, ranging from plain cotton leggings, to leather leggings, to formal, sturdy leggings (you know the kind that I’m talking about – the kind of leggings that you can wear to work. For those of you who don’t know, it’s not okay to wear the cotton leggings to work, unless you pair it with a smart jacket/coat and riding boots or stylish flats. It’s the equivalent of wearing a t-shirt to work. You can’t do it unless all your other garments are stylish and smart.) My favourite place to get leggings is Zara.

[11] Jeggings are just denim leggings and every one should have them. Pairthem with a white shirt, a blazer, a statement necklace and stylish flats or riding boots.

[12] Ripped skinnies are très cool. Pair them with anything and you’ll look cool.

[13] Everyone knows that you can’t wear leggings with everything and all the time. Sometimes your shirt just isn’t long enough, and then it’s time to call on your trusty black pants. Black pants are great for when you want to look casual yet still formal. Pair your black pants with a lightweight knit [4] , a blazer and some fab flats or riding boots.

[14] If you’re into the Sports Luxe trend, you are probably loving life right now. I love that it’s acceptable to wear my Nike Dunks out to a social gathering. However, you have to do it right. The objective is to dress your sneakers up, so pair your leggings with a (long enough) graphic tee, a leather jacket and some red lipstick. Add some midi rings and you’re done! Pop into Shesha or Sportscene to snag some cool footwear.

[15] Ankle boots are all kinds of cool, and you can wear them with just about anything. Dresses, tights, leggings, jeggings, skinny pants, the list goes on. Ankle boots are great for work, evenings out and lunches/dinners. I found beautiful ankle boots at Aldo.

[16] Riding boots will see you through the really cold days in July and the windy days in August and are the chicest form of flat boot out there.

[17] On a day like today, when the weather isn’t too chilly, a pair of gorgeous flats provides a welcome break from all of the boots and closed shoes you’ve been wearing. Whether you prefer a pair of pretty pumps or some oxfords, this shoe is a definite must-have for winter.

I hope I infused you with some inspiration from my winter must-haves collection. What are your winter essentials?