3 Day Juice Fast | Detox Diary

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Hi there Lovelies,

Last week I did a 3 day juice fast, because I have been feeling a bit ill lately when I eat certain foods. I’ve done a few juice fasts in my life, and they usually produce good results. This time, the juice fast was a bit easier, because I ordered the juice from One Juice in Cape Town. Ain’t nobody got time to clean the juicer 3 times a day. They are based in Cape Town and offer cold pressed, unpasteurised raw juices. The good news is that they conveniently deliver to the rest of South Africa. Their 3 day program consists of 24 juices in total, giving you a total of 8 juices a day. They delivered my juice when they said they would and my juice fast commenced!

What is a juice fast supposed to do?

Because your digestive system is continuously working to break down food, juice fasts are said to be good in that they give your digestive system a break.

What did I learn?

I watched the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead a while ago, and I came across it again whilst doing some research on juice fasts. If you haven’t seen it, and you love all things nutrition and health related, make a point of watching it. It follows an unhealthy and overweight Joe Cross through America on his 60 day juice fast. One of the most interesting things I learnt from this is that days 1 to 3 are the hardest in terms of hunger pangs, because your brain is trying to get you to eat (for survival). After day 3, your brain says “let me stop making this person suffer, because clearly this isn’t getting us anywhere” and it moves to Plan B. These are very primitive instincts because what your brain does is make you a more skilled hunter. Your eyesight becomes sharper, your hearing becomes keener and all your senses become heightened, all in an attempt to make you better at finding food.

After day 3 the hunger pangs start to wear off. It is super important that you resist the temptation to eat any solid food during days 1 to 3 as the second anything solid (containing fibre) lands in your stomach, your stomach is activated (because it thinks it’s getting food), which starts the whole digestive process. When you go back to not giving it anything solid, the hunger pangs will resume.


On to the juice cleanse…

Pre cleanse

I don’t eat a lot of meat or drink a lot of alcohol or coffee and my diet already consists of veggies, lentils and the like. I do have a sweet tooth and I love chocolate and cake! Before a juice fast it’s best to eat a vegan diet for at least 3 days, so that your body doesn’t go into shock.

Day 1

I started my first day off by drinking hot water and lemon juice. My first juice of the day was a concoction of lemon, cayenne pepper and agave. It was a little sour and a little peppery, but not too bad. I didn’t even miss my morning cup of tea. Next up was the same juice – you have to drink 8 juices a day, in a specific order, every 1½ hours. I was a little bit naughty on Day 1 only because I had a 1pm appointment at the dentist. Sometimes I have a negative reaction to the anaesthetic, so my dentist always recommends eating a little something before a visit to her. I figured that a little lentil and chickpea soup would help and not harm, so I had that for lunch. After the dentist I had 2 carrot, apple and lemon juices (my favourite of the bunch). Towards 6pm I was feeling quite hungry, so I had a glass of almond milk. I read online that almond milk contains protein, so can give you a little boost. I finished my day off with a beetroot, apple, carrot, lemon and ginger juice and a pot of strawberry green tea. I experienced notable hunger pangs in the early evening, but come bed time, I felt 100% normal. The thing that most impressed me was the fact that I didn’t have a stuffy nose when I went to sleep and could breathe easily (I feel like some foods block my nose). I didn’t drink all the juices I was supposed to, so stuck 3 in the freezer to drink when I feel like.

Day 2

I woke up before my alarm, and was excited to start Day 2! I started the day off with hot water and lemon juice again, which was followed by a pineapple, apple, cucumber and lemon juice. It was delicious and on the sour side. My day continued, and I got seriously hungry just before lunch time. The carrot juice followed for ‘lunch’, then the almond, cacao, agave and cucumber juice for mid-afternoon and then the beetroot juice for dinner. It was an absolute test and I was super proud of myself because I attended a blogger lunch at Perron with AMAZING mexican food on offer and I didn’t eat a single bite! I did crave solid food at around 5pm. As a ‘treat’ I had a little bit of almond milk before bed.

Day 3

Again, I woke up before my alarm went off but admit that I was kinda happy that my juice fast was ending that day. I had the usual juices throughout the day and was quite amazed at how not-hungry I felt, on a diet of juices. As soon as I started to feel hungry, I’d just have a juice. It’s amazing how it fills you up. Food is a pleasure in life, so the only thing I missed was the act of actually eating good food. The only cravings I had were for biltong (but like a mad person) and peanut butter chocolate (obviously!).

Post cleanse

I ate lots of raw veggies the first day after my cleanse, to reintroduce food back into my system. My first meal was delicious spiralised baby marrows with a tomato sauce. It might sound unappetising, but it was so delicious I could eat it every day! The juice fast has taught me to appreciate food, and to eat things in moderation, to take it easy when it comes to fast food, and has inspired me to eat a little bit cleaner. I definitely feel clearer and have gained a sense of accomplishment from my juice fast. I also don’t crave sugary treats!

baby marrows

If you’re considering going on a juice fast for the first time, I would recommend a 3-day juice fast. That way you can test it out and build up. If you feel strong on day 3 you can even extend your juice fast. There are a couple of juice companies in and around SA like One Juice and Juice Revolution that offer a quick and easy solution, but if you want a more budget friendly option, then pick up a juicer, get some organic veggies, and get juicing! Remember to drink lots of water while you’re fasting to expel toxins.