L’Oreál Extraordinaire by Colour Riche

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“Why just have colour, when you can have colour infused with light? Why just have comfort when you can have perfect smooth lips? Why just have shine when you can have magnified, lustrous lips? Why just have a lipstick when you can have Colour Riche L’Extraordinaire? Lustered. Magnified. Dramatic. Lips become extraordinary with new Extraordinaire by Colour Riche™. The new vision of lip colour features luxurious micro-oils that infuse each pigment for ultimate colour richness.”

L’Oreál Paris’ new offering comes in the form of Extraordinaire by Colour Riche – 7 shades of the most gorgeous lip glosses! Let’s get straight into my review…

 L'Oreal Extraordinaire

Packaging: I was so excited when I received these gems because they are so darn pretty! Every lip gloss comes in a fabulous pale gold tube/case, with a window so that you can see what colour you’re using. I got a brilliant red in the form of Rouge Soprano, a vibrant pink called Fuchsia Orchestra, a more demure, soft peach named Nude Vibrato and a dusky rose called Molto Mauve.

Texture: This is a lipstick/lip gloss hybrid, and has the moisturizing feel of a gloss as well as the high shine finish of one. The glosses are super smooth and creamy and are a dream to apply! The soft, leaf-shaped applicator can be used to precisely line lips while the wide side fills them in quickly. If you prefer a creamy gloss and want to add a little extra moisture to your lips, this is the gloss for you! The best part is that the formula isn’t sticky at all, and never becomes sticky, even towards the end. Some lip glosses (MAC lip glass, I’m talking to you) give you an uncomfortable, tacky feeling on your lips.

How it Wears: I normally apply one of the colours at about 9am and then reapply at 12am, so you can estimate a good two to three hours of wear time from these glosses. The lighter colours seem to fade away quicker, but that could also be because they are lighter colours, with not as much pigment and closer to actual natural lip colour. My lips felt pleasantly plumped and hydrated and smooth all through wear time, and this is thanks to the fact that they contain some sort of micro oil to give lips that moist, plushy feel. Getting into the science behind the lip gloss, traditional lipstick formulas consist of, amongst other ingredients, wax and colour. Colour Riche L’Extraordinaire glosses contain clear oil and colour – the oils allow the pigments to reveal their full richness. The micro-pigments uniformly embrace every millimetre of the lips’ surface while retaining their original colour. The quality of pigment is pretty consistent across the colours and the gloss stayed on nicely without smudging or bleeding.

Overall: These new L’Oreál L’Extraordinaire beauties are hands down my favourite new glosses and I absolutely adore them! They have the most divine sweet, fruity scent and I find myself sniffing them every time I apply them. These lip glosses are great if you love rich color and want some serious shine.

Here are a few top and statement necklace pairings with the different glosses to give you some inspiration…

L'Oreal Extraordinaire

As I write this article, I’m wearing a mixture of Molto Mauve and Fuchsia Drama – and I love mixing the colours to create new colours! RSP is R169.95, available everywhere L’Oreál is sold.