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I love colour. I love how it has the power to instantly brighten moods and lift spirits. I am a firm believer however that colour should never be worn on your face (barring lipsticks of course) and should be reserved for your body (in the form of handbags, heels, accessories and clothing). The point of wearing makeup is to look like you’re not wearing any. Have you ever seen anyone rocking turquoise eyelids naturally? My point exactly.

With that sentiment in mind, whenever I buy makeup, specifically eye shadows, I love a neutral palette. I already own Urban Decay’s Naked palette (I managed to snag one on my first ever trip to the Big Apple) and am trying to get my hands on the Naked 3 palette. Rubybox had it in stock for about 2 seconds, after which it sold out. On one of my recent mall-scapades, I was checking out the Clarins counter and came across  … you guessed it … no … not the Urban Decay Naked palette 3 (sadly, Urban Decay isn’t available in S.A.), but another neutral palette in all its glory. The palette I’m talking about the is the Essentials Palette by Clarins.

My thoughts…

I am all for the colours that Clarins have offered in this palette. My only gripe about the palette is that there is only ONE medium brown shade, the rest being extremely light or dark. We all know that having medium colours is important for creating every day, office appropriate makeup looks, and I wonder why Clarins overlooked that fact. I don’t fancy dark makeup during the day, and especially not when I am meeting clients. I reserve those darker shades for my bottom lash line and for when I want to create a smokey eye.

Overall, I enjoyed using this palette, but found that some colours – particularly the second lightest shade – were quite crumbly and exhibited a weird texture. For the most, I have used a lot of the shadows (not all) and am enjoying experimenting with different looks. Because it offers a timeless colour scheme, I think this palette will come in handy.

Here are some interesting facts about the Essential palette:

Healthy Skin Formula – Formulated with gentle minerals and soothing plant extracts—93% of the raw materials are of natural origin.

Respects the environment – All materials have been carefully selected according to Clarins’ guidelines aimed at reducing our environmental footprint. It also features recyclable packaging – pop out the palette and reuse it as a pencil box – a beautiful way to recycle.

Social Responsibility – The Essentials palette was created as part of Clarins’ initiative to support human rights and the environment. Originating from the Amazon in Brazil, the Kuntanawa community struggle to maintain their culture as deforestation threatens their environment every day. In partnership with the PurProject organization, Clarins is dedicated to preserving the Kuntanawa culture by planting 10,000 trees known for their medicinal and cosmetic properties, allowing them the means to live in total independence and in harmony with nature.

All of the above make me enjoy the palette even more. It doesn’t get any better than caring for yourself, others and the environment – I think that’s what makes for a great life.

Rating: 4/5
Product: 4/5 (Kudos for mineral plant extracts and their social responsibility)
Packaging: 4/5 (I like the fact that it is recyclable, but the elastic band annoys me at times)
Quality: 4/5
Price: R630
Would I buy again?: Maybe, but not likely, and definitely not until I’ve procured a Naked 3 palette
Where to buy: Stuttafords, Edgars, Foschini

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