The Best Mascara. No Really.

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By now, dear reader, you will know a few things about me. One of them is that I am on the eternal search for the best mascara. I have had a few beautiful encounters with a few near perfect mascaras, but because there are so many of them out there, find myself drawn to trying new ones all the time. I can’t help it!

The latest mascara to rock my world is Revlon’s Dramatic Definition. Revlon have apparently done away with all their other mascaras and now offer 5 brand new mascaras, all targeting different areas for perfect lashes – definition, volume, length, volume and length and an all-rounder. I have never been a fan of Revlon mascaras and I had a pretty dismal experience with this mascara of theirs but I was super intrigued by the fun looking tubes whilst browsing the cosmetic aisle at Clicks and, given my weakness for mascara, decided to get the one that appealed to me the most. I’m so glad I did.

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I love a strong yet natural and defined look and was BLOWN away the very first time I tried Dramatic Definition. It literally made my mascara dreams come true! I could see it separating and defining each lash as the brush combed through, all while adding length and volume. Each brush is specialised for its own unique purpose, and this brush has tiered bristles for defining and separating every lash. I am head over heels in love. Not only does it separate and define (no clumping guaranteed), but the formula is flake free. FLAKE FREE! Do you know how long I have searched for a mascara that is truly, completely, 100% flake-free? For forever! That’s how long. Not only do you not have to wear a primer prior to applying this mascara, you will also never look like a panda bear! The formula is also perfect. It’s not too wet or too dry. As if those two spectacular achievements aren’t enough, there’s the pricing. At only R149, Revlon has neatly presented the mascara trifecta for the taking. It does what it says it’ll do, it is flake- and clump-free and it’s affordable. The packaging is also simple and gorgeous. I love the shape of the tube and how the wand feels in my hand. Moreover, the unique shape helps me to identify what product it is if I’m digging in my handbag while, say, driving. I know, I know. Removal is also a breeze. No hard rubbing required, and it comes off with my pre-cleansing micellar water or oil and then my regular wash-off Ren cleanser. All in all I’m obsessed! Can you tell?

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I only tried the purple kind, but I am keen get my hands on the red one (All-in-One) as I’ve heard lots of good things about it. My friend who is a Beauty Editor tells me that the pink one (Ultra Volume) is all kinds of amazing. I will be trying it out when this tube is done.

Rating: 6/5
Product: 6/5
Packaging: 6/5
Quality: 6/5
Price: R149
Would I buy again?: Absolutely!
Where to buy: Clicks, Dischem or anywhere Revlon is sold

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